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You have found the home of the largest collection of miniature cast metal souvenir replica buildings ever amassed by a single manufacturer!

We have created over 500 unique replica models of skyscrapers, churches, houses, department stores, landmarks, monuments, government buildings, office buildings, residential towers, schools, college buildings, factories, World's Fair pavilions, skylines, train stations, towers, high-rise buildings, bridges and banks.

Some of the many architectural styles we have covered include; Egyptian, Classical, Gothic, Colonial, Jeffersonian, Victorian, Beau Arts, Chicago School, Art Nouveau, Prairie Style, Art Deco, Streamline Modern, Futurist, Expressionist, Bauhaus, International, Postmodern, and Green.

This is your one stop source for building a collectable skyline, having a custom commission piece produced, bidding on one of our bLOG auctions and shopping for books on our favorite subject. Buildings


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